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ames_housing mlr_tasks_ames_housing
House Sales in Ames, Iowa
bike_sharing mlr_tasks_bike_sharing
Bike Sharing Demand
Power Consumption of Kitchen Appliances in Ames, Iowa
ilpd mlr_tasks_ilpd
Indian Liver Patient Dataset
kc_housing mlr_tasks_kc_housing
House Sales in King County
mlr3data mlr3data-package
mlr3data: Collection of Machine Learning Data Sets for 'mlr3'
moneyball mlr_tasks_moneyball
Major League Baseball Statistics 1962-2012
optdigits mlr_tasks_optdigits
Optical Recognition of Handwritten Digits
penguins_simple mlr_tasks_penguins_simple
Simplified Palmer Penguins Data Set
titanic mlr_tasks_titanic